After countless lessons in life and simply observing others, I’ve seen and learned a lot. If marriage or a committed relationship is what you desire, complaining to others will most likely not yield a positive result. There are some things you must never forget! Some things are good. Some things are bad. Others are simply a lesson you’re meant to learn.

Author Audrey Malone

I was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia where fun times, eateries and big business with an international flair is always a “trending topic!”

They call us “Grady babies” because if you’re a native Atlantan, then more likely than not, you were born at Grady Memorial Hospital.

I am the middle of seven children. My greatest accomplishment to date is being gifted with the awesome title of “Mommie” to three adult children and five grandbabies, who dare not ever call me Grandma!

I was born to entertain. However, being a “Preacher’s Kid”, I often felt my outgoing personality and passion for music, clubs, bars and large crowds seemed misplaced.

Listen, I’m no different from most. As a young girl, I too dreamed of meeting Mr. Right and instantly falling in love. I fantasized of being swept off my feet and having a beautiful wedding, followed by the baby and the carriage and the white picket fence around the cute suburban house. I even dreamed about being a cool ass soccer mom!

I became known to many around the city after co-hosting large outdoor cookouts and other promoter events. I was instrumental in producing a wave of local football viewing parties, which is now a worldwide phenomenon.

I am proud to have spearheaded an all-female indie record label, supported by an all-female promotion team, at a time when none existed. I was born to entertain.

Like most, I too have struggled through the perplexity of failed relationships. But the institution of marriage, coupled with a strong family structure remains paramount for harmony to exist within our society. God is asking us to come back to the Bridegroom. Will you come?