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WELCOME TO THE DUNGEON-Tune in Tomorrow at 8 PM on Talk Back with TheGoddess- WATCH PARTY TIME- We have a special Guest tomorrow- Author of Dirty Wedding Dress Audrey Malone will have real conversations with us about her book on relationships & more- You want answers she may have it for you from her book Dirty Wedding Dress! #decatur Get ready

WELCOME TO THE DUNGEON- PINK DUNGEON presents TALK BACK WITH THEGODDESS – WARNING- ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK- FoodPorn Meal by IG -Ola’s Southern Cuisine 2 Call in Number 929-277-4282 at 8:30 Pm we have a Special Guest Audrey Malone Author of Dirty Wedding Dress- A Movement! Relationships is the name of the game & Author Audrey Malone DECATUR WHERE ITS GREATER IN IT TO WIN IT! Black business drop your name in comments with #blackowned for shout out- & TELL YOUR friends and families to drop theirs as well-BUILDING FROM SOMEWHERE, why not start hear

Posted by Uganda TheGoddess Reed on Tuesday, 9 June 2020

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