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Audrey Malone’s book “Dirty Wedding Dress: The Dirty Past” is available and has garnered rave reviews

Posted: Aug 19, 2020 9:43 AM MST

Dirty Wedding Dress: The Dirty Past, a novel by Audrey Malone, is available worldwide in hardcover and ebook formats. Early readers have raved about the book. One reviewer praised the book by stating, “I enjoyed the different perspectives of all characters involved. There is something relatable for everyone in this book. Great stuff!”

When asked what led the author to write the book, Malone said, “I never once thought of writing a book.  I knew I was destined to do something that would reach a multitude of people. I just didn’t know what. One day I went to sleep and I saw the words Dirty Wedding Dress in a dream. Over time the mission became clear. When I sat down to write the book, it was like the entire book was already in my head, as if I had been writing it my entire life.”

Her book is very unique compared to other books in the romance genre. “Aside from being a controversial take on love and relationships; the book taps into every human emotion,” Malone added. “Readers will cry, laugh, connect, and engage in thought provoking conversations with themselves. The storylines are relevant to what we see and hear in our everyday lives… One could say this romance book takes its readers on a therapeutic journey to healing. Forgiveness cannot set in until the healing begins. From there we are equipped to attain and maintain love and happy relationships… Following the lives of the characters in Dirty Wedding Dress will definitely bring about a change in each reader. Living past our past is key!”

Dirty Wedding Dress: The Dirty Past is part of a series. Forthcoming installments include Dirty Wedding Dress: The Dirty Cheater. She’s also working a novel entitled The Day I Met Oprah. Dirty Wedding Dress: The Dirty Past can be purchased at online retailers such as Amazon.com or through Dorrance Publishing.

About the author:

Audrey Malone was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia where fun times, eateries and big business with an international flair is always a “trending topic!” She is the middle of seven children. Her greatest accomplishment to date is being gifted with the awesome title of “Mommie” to three adult children and five grandbabies, who dare not ever call her Grandma! Malone was born to entertain. However, being a “Preacher’s Kid”, she often felt her outgoing personality and passion for music, clubs, bars and large crowds seemed misplaced. She became known to many around the city after co-hosting large outdoor cookouts and other promoter events. She was instrumental in producing a wave of local football viewing parties, which is now a worldwide phenomenon. She is also proud to have spearheaded an all-female indie record label, supported by an all-female promotion team, at a time when none existed.

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